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Frequently Asked White Questions

Are you a white person with questions about how race affects different situations, but you feel awkward, shy, or afraid to ask the people of colour in your life? Are you a racialized person who is tired ...

Ordinary Deaths

In Ordinary Deaths, Dr. Samuel LeBaron reminds us of our need for human connection when experiencing death and loss. Based on more than thirty years of working with children and adults dying from cancer, ...

Work From Home Zone

From author Angela Crocker, thought leader on online communities, digital decluttering, education technology, and content planning, comes the definitive guide to working from home for employees and entrepreneurs. ...

La révolution des sorcières

By (author) Sophie Audet
Categories: Personality traits

À quoi ressemblerait le monde si notre ADN féminin avait davantage été mis à contribution dans la sphère publique au cours des derniers millénaires ? Même si nous sommes plus diplômées que nos ...


By (photographer) Bianca Des Jardins
By (author) Andy Dubois
Categories: Mind, body, spirit

Véritable sanctuaire visuel, ANIMA propose d’explorer les multiples facettes de sa propre créativité. Les frontières de l’onirique et du réel s’y chevauchent au gré des pages où valsent des ...

De zéro à millionnaire

By (author) Nicolas Bérubé
Categories: Personal finance

L'univers de l’investissement boursier regorge de mythes, d’idées reçues et de croyances inquiétantes. ?Au moment où les Québécois n'ont jamais été aussi nombreux à transiger à la Bourse, ...

One Meal a Day Diet

Weight loss doesn’t need to be overwhelming The One Meal A Day (OMAD) Diet is a simple method devised to help people lose weight with minimal effort. Author Diana Polska has drawn from hundreds of scientific ...

Open Every Window

By (author) Jane Munro
Categories: Memoirs

Open Every Window reveals the pain and power inherent in loving and being loved. A poignant evocation for anyone who has experienced loss, it will entrance with its lyricism and comfort with the writer’s ...

Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle

Stop thinking about efficiency and start thinking about sufficiency

Living the 1.5 Degree Lifestyle reveals the carbon cost of everything we do, identifying where we can make big reductions, while not ...