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Through Their Eyes

By (author) Matthew Barrett & Robert C. Engen
Categories: First World War

By the summer of 1917, Canadian troops had captured Vimy Ridge, but Allied offensives had stalled across many fronts of the Great War. To help break the stalemate of trench warfare, the Canadian Corps ...

Medicare's Histories

Medicare is arguably Canada’s most valued social program. As federally-supported medicare enters its second half-century, Medicare’s Histories brings together leading social and health historians ...


By (author) Susan C. Boyd
Designed by David Lester
Categories: Social and cultural history

Heroin is an illustrated history of Canadian heroin regulation over two centuries. Susan Boyd points to our failure to address the overdose death epidemic caused by criminalizing drug users and to the ...


Born out of a meticulous, well-researched historical and current traditional land-use study led by Cega̔ K´iɳna Nakoda Oyáté (Carry the Kettle Nakoda First Nation), Owóknage is the first book to ...

Know It All

By (author) James H. Marsh
Categories: History of the Americas
Series: Reflections

In Know It All: Finding the Impossible Country James Marsh tells of his evolution from a troubled childhood to a long career in Canadian publishing that culminated in the creation of The Canadian Encyclopedia ...

Under the Nakba Tree

Mowafa Said Househ’s family fled Palestine in 1948 and arrived in Canada in the 1970s. He grew up in Edmonton, Alberta as a visible minority and a Muslim whose family had a deeply fractured history. ...

The Racial Mosaic

Canada is often considered a multicultural mosaic, welcoming to immigrants and encouraging of cultural diversity. Yet this reputation masks a more complex history. In this groundbreaking study of the ...

L'École historique de Québec

By (author) François-Olivier Dorais
Categories: Historiography

Objet familier de notre paysage historiographique, l’école de Québec est constitutive du récit des origines de la discipline historique québécoise moderne. Réunissant trois figures majeures – ...

Les Juifs de la Révolution tranquille

La communauté juive québécoise occupe une position politique et culturelle unique en Amérique du Nord et au Canada. Pour cette raison, une identité juive montréalaise distincte de l’identité ...

Le féodalisme dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent

By (author) Matteo Sanfilippo
Edited by Arnaud Montreuil
Translated by Olivier Guimond
Series edited by Michel Bock
Categories: History of the Americas
Series: Amérique française

L’histoire de la seigneurie laurentienne est-elle la fille du conflit politique?? C’est, entre autres, à cette question que répond Le féodalisme dans la vallée du Saint-Laurent : un problème ...