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Fur, Fleas, and Flukes

Today, even if you live in a major city and seldom get a chance to visit national parks or wildlife reserves, you encounter wild mammals. On the inside and the outside of these animals exist an amazing ...

How Birds Fly

By (author) Peter Cavanagh
Categories: Physics: Fluid mechanics

Bird flight is a mesmerizing spectacle, yet its intricacies remains largely shrouded in mystery for most. Even after over a century of study, certain aspects of bird flight continue to baffle the public ...


​​'As rich, satisfying and revelatory as a long walk in the woods.' Peter Wohlleben, author of The Hidden Life of Trees

What connects Robin Hood, the history of ink, fungi, Shakespeare and sorcery? ...

The Botanic Age

By (author) Dean Falk
Categories: Evolution

How and why did humans get to be so clever and thoughtful? The beginning of the Stone Age, marked by the invention of stone tools, has traditionally dominated discussions about the origin and evolution ...

Superfoods, Silkworms, and Spandex

By (author) Dr. Joe Schwarcz
Categories: Chemistry

In this new collection of bite-size pop science essays, bestselling author, chemistry professor, and radio broadcaster Dr. Joe Schwarcz shows that you can find science virtually anywhere you look. And ...

Does Coffee Cause Cancer?

In this fascinating, refreshingly clarifying book about food, food myths, and how sloppy science perpetuates misconceptions about food, a medical doctor on his way to a conference gets drawn into conversations ...

The Legal Singularity

Law today is incomplete, inaccessible, unclear, underdeveloped, and often perplexing to those whom it affects. In The Legal Singularity, Abdi Aidid and Benjamin Alarie argue that the proliferation of ...

Nature's Wild Ideas

By (author) Kristy Hamilton
Categories: Classical mechanics

A lively and endlessly fascinating deep-dive into nature and the many groundbreaking human inventions inspired by the wild.

"Delightful."—The Guardian

"Fans of Helen Scales won't want to miss this."— ...


Tuzo is the never-before-told story of one of Canada’s most influential scientists and the discovery of plate tectonics, a pivotal development that forever altered how we think of our planet.

In 1961, ...

Pacific Salmon Field Guide

Pacific salmon are of immense cultural, ecological and economic importance to the west coast of North America. They are the most commonly seen fish on the western side of North America but identifying ...