By (author) Carl Leblanc
Categories: Modern and contemporary fiction, Fiction: general and literary, Fiction and Related items
Series: Romanichels
Publisher: Groupe HMH
Paperback : 9782892617207, February 2023


Investigative journalist François Bélanger finds the Second World War barrelling into his life on two separate occasions. First the alleged war criminal “Krylenko” found hiding in a quiet neighbourhood; then the curious artifact displayed in a showroom of the Holocaust Museum: a wish book prepared by a group of young women in the dark hours of December 1944, a birthday present intended for a fellow inmate by the name of Klara Kowalski.

Possibly for the first time in his career, Bélanger is actually affected by the investigation. Where does the book come from? Who were these women? And is the story as comforting as people have been led to believe? Did it even really happen?