Omar loves the pond in winter. On the ice nobody can skate faster, leap higher, or twirl quite as well as Omar can. Now it’s summer, and with the new goggles that his teacher Ms. Fudge gave him, Omar sets out with his classmates for a day of fun on the water. But Omar quickly realizes that he isn’t nearly as talented as he thought. When the others float, he sinks. When the others do the backstroke, Omar just gets in the way. Worst of all, when his time comes to jump off the diving board, Omar loses his nerve and has to climb back down the ladder. Discouraged, Omar sits on the sidelines and watches the fun, wishing with all his might for the pond to freeze.

But when a friend needs help, Omar leaps into the breach. After a day of doing everything wrong, now is the time to do something right. Omar is about to discover a new talent after all.

Sometimes it’s not about being the best; sometimes it’s about thinking of someone else. Young readers will sympathize with the portly bear who tries so valiantly to join in. And they will applaud when Omar finally overcomes his fears and creates his own fun. A spirited sequel to the acclaimed Omar on Ice.


"The soft, pencil-crayon illustrations show cuddly bears in bathing caps and colorfully patterned swimsuits. Humorous background details include an audience of expressive frogs. This gentle tale of friendship will appeal to fans of Omar on Ice. "
School Library Journal

"Omar on Board provides a good starting point for classroom discussions about children's fears and possible solutions to overcome them. It is also great for units on bears, friendship and feelings. "
Resource Links

"Kovalski's portly, endearing bear spins through a beautifully light, snowy landscape as he learns to accept his own talents. The whole book has a cozy, comfortable feel. "
Toronto Star

"Young children will love the little bear and sympathize with his strength. The pictures are summery and the bears are adorable. "
Sunday Republican, Waterbury, CT

"Omar can be brave, but not being able to jump off the high board leaves him feeling bad until he has an opportunity to do a good deed that shows how brave he can be. Bright, lively illustrations. "
Burnaby Now