The Spoon Stealer

By (author) Lesley Crewe
Categories: Fiction: general and literary, Fiction and Related items, Generational sagas
Publisher: Nimbus Publishing
Paperback : 9781771088817, 360 pages, September 2020


Emmeline has liberated hundreds of spoons over her lifetime—from the local library, Cary Grant, Winston Churchill. She is a compulsive spoon stealer. When Emmeline unexpectedly inherits the farm she grew up on, she knows she needs to head home to see what remains of her family one last time. She arrives like a tornado, an off-kilter Mary Poppins bossing everyone around and getting quite a lot wrong. But with her generosity and hard-earned wisdom, she gets quite a lot right, too.


"Mental illness and loss are the themes running through the book, but the author deals with these subjects with the grace, humor and love I have come to know through reading her books. " —Atlantic Book Reviews