Explores the profound connection between disease and creativity in how we cope with illness.

When poet and essayist Kenneth Sherman was diagnosed with cancer, he began keeping a notebook of observations that blossomed into this powerful memoir. With incisive and evocative language, Sherman presents a clear-eyed view of what the cancer patient feels and thinks. While he is honest about what is good and bad in Canada’s healthcare system, he is not stridently political or given to directing blame. His narrative is interwoven with engaging ruminations on the meaning of illness in society, and is peppered with references to other writers’ thoughts on the subject. A widely published poet, Sherman helps the reader understand the deep connection between disease and creativity—the ways in which we write out of our suffering. His thoughtful observations on health, life priorities, time, and mortality will make Wait Time of interest to all readers.


  • Long-listed, RBC Taylor Prize 2017


Wait Time, by noted Canadian poet Ken Sherman, is an honest, clear-sighted, humorous and at times eloquent entree into [the category of cancer memoir], not any less gripping because of a happy ending. (He survives. )"


- Philip Marchand