Coping with stress

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By (author) Louise Reid
Categories: Coping with stress

L’anxiété s’attaque au plaisir de vivre. Elle génère la souffrance morale, le ressentiment, la dépendance affective, la frustration, l’agressivité et le découragement. Or, il est possible ...

L'anxiété apprivoisée

As adults and teenagers, how are we supposed to handle the stress and anxiety we feel on a daily basis? For many of us, the symptoms we experience may be diffused, situational or occasional, which can ...

Apprivoiser l'écoanxiété

By (author) Karine Saint-Jean
Categories: Coping with stress
Series: Psychologie

This book looks into the recent phenomenon of eco-anxiety to define the bases and examine the effect of climate change on human psychology, but also to suggest possible actions to channel this feeling: ...