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By (author) Eileen Kane
Categories: Sociolinguistics

It is the 1960s, and Ireland is hoping to join what will later become the European Union. The government has devised a plan to protect Ireland’s cultural identity and strengthen the Irish language by ...

Un bien nécessaire

La traduction, c’est une rencontre. Rencontre éprouvante, émouvante, exigeante, passionnée et féconde; espace de chevauchement, de frottement, de création; passage qui donne une deuxième, une ...

Finnegans Wakes

James Joyce’s astonishing Finnegans Wake (1939) is universally acknowledged to be untranslatable. Still, fifteen complete translations exist in twelve different languages, with ten more underway in ...

Words of the Inuit

Words of the Inuit is an important compendium of Inuit culture illustrated through Inuit words. It brings the sum of the author’s decades of experience and engagement with Inuit and Inuktitut to bear ...

Political Correctness

The twenty-second Munk Debate pits acclaimed journalist, professor, and ordained minister Michael Eric Dyson and New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg against renowned actor and writer Stephen Fry ...

La traduction en citations

La traduction en citations contient plus de 2 700 aphorismes, définitions, éloges, épigrammes, jugements, témoignages ou traits d’esprit sur la traduction, les traducteurs et les interprètes. Ces ...

Dramatic Licence

By (author) Louise Ladouceur
Translated by Richard Lebeau
Foreword by E.D. Blodgett
Categories: Translation and interpretation

Translation is tricky business. The translator has to transform the foreign to the familiar while moving and pleasing his or her audience. Louise Ladouceur knows theatre from a multi-dimensional perspective ...

Owls See Clearly at Night/Lii Yiiboo Nayaapiwak lii Swer

Illustrated by Julie Flett
Categories: Writing systems, alphabets

This picture book is a small glimpse, from A to Z, of some of the sights and sounds of the Michif language and its speakers. The language of the Métis, Michif is a combination of French and Cree with ...