Rights Canada 2020–2021: Non-Fiction

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Handfield and Linton use the physical concept of flow as a metaphor for the current revolution in supply chain management: the integration of supply chains and the geographic relocation of global supply ...

Defining Sexual Misconduct

This book examines the contemporary dynamics of public accusations and their relationship to more formal criminal justice processes, as well as the implications of this shifting landscape for the stigmatization ...

Team Chemistry

Explores what is needed to foster a healthy culture—the common element in winning teams—and provides coaches and sports administrators, at all levels, with action plans for developing a positive environment that ...


Born out of a meticulous, well-researched historical and current traditional land-use study led by Cega̔ K´iɳna Nakoda Oyáté (Carry the Kettle Nakoda First Nation), Owóknage is the first book to ...

Scratching River

By (author) Michelle Porter
Categories: Biography & Autobiography
Series: Life Writing

Scratching River is a story about the search for home for the author’s brother, who has the dual diagnoses of autism and schizophrenia, and the abuse he suffered in one of the homes he lived in. It ...

Finnegans Wakes

By (author) Patrick O'Neill
Categories: Literary Criticism

James Joyce’s astonishing Finnegans Wake (1939) is universally acknowledged to be untranslatable. Still, fifteen complete translations exist in twelve different languages, with ten more underway in ...

Change for Good

By (author) Paul Klein
Categories: Business & Economics

Based on the author’s 35 years at the forefront of business and social change, Change for Good explores businesses’ new bottom line: helping to solve social problems. Featuring personal experiences ...

Shifting Baseline Syndrome

By (author) Aaron Kreuter
Categories: Poetry
Series: Oskana Poetry & Poetics

Shifting Baseline Syndrome is a satirical and searing collection of poetry obsessed with television, oceans, Jewish history, and time. Aaron Kreuter asks the hard questions: what is it like to have an ...

Still Hopeful

By (author) Maude Barlow
Categories: Political Science

From her days in second-wave feminist activism to her battle against the precursor to NAFTA to her indefatigable fight for social justice and water rights for all, Maude shares her stories and her expertise ...

Under the Nakba Tree

Mowafa Said Househ’s family fled Palestine in 1948 and arrived in Canada in the 1970s. He grew up in Edmonton, Alberta as a visible minority and a Muslim whose family had a deeply fractured history. ...