National and regional cuisine

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Poutine nation

En l’espace de 50 ans, la poutine est passée d’un plat régional méconnu à un emblème gastronomique québécois, et même canadien. Du jamais vu dans l’histoire! Comment un mets aussi simple ...

Mrs Dalgairns's Kitchen

When The Practice of Cookery first appeared in Edinburgh and London editions in 1829, reviewers hailed it as one of the best cookbooks available. The book was unique not only in being wholly original, ...

Seven Grains of Paradise

By (author) Joan Baxter
Categories: History

Joan Baxter’s personal quest to learn about the fascinating and much neglected story about many kinds of food in Africa, a continent with a rich farming tradition, intricate cuisines, and a multitude ...

Le secret des Vietnamiennes

By (author) Kim Thúy
Categories: National and regional cuisine

Kim Thúy shares more than 50 exclusive family recipes from her home country—many accompanied by a short text, an extract from a novel, or an anecdote—offering readers an extraordinary glimpse into ...

Russian Cuisine

This is not a book. It is a voyage into Russian culture. The exploration starts with a tour of Russian history with typical ingredients and an explanation of how these foods became Russian staples. Next ...

Food That Really Schmecks

By (author) Edna Staebler
Introduction by Wayson Choy
Foreword by Rose Murray
Categories: National and regional cuisine
Series: Life Writing

In the 1960s, Edna Staebler moved in with an Old Order Mennonite family to absorb their oral history and learn about Mennonite culture and cooking. From this fieldwork came the cookbook Food That Really ...